Morson Training Courses Key Part of Network Rail 24-Hour Medic Service at London Euston


Morson Training Courses Key Part of Network Rail 24-Hour Medic Service at London Euston

Posted on 17 July 2020

​An array of Morson Training-developed and delivered courses have allowed a team of first responders to provide critical round-the-clock support at one of the UK’s busiest train stations for Network Rail, reducing strain on the NHS.

London Euston station has seen the introduction of 24-hour trauma medics, all fully trained in first responder emergency care, mental health first aid and more.

As passenger traffic starts to gradually increase following the coronavirus pandemic, the 24-hour responders have been introduced to help reduce the strain on local NHS resources and provide immediate care for the public.Morson Training has worked with Network Railto tailor the courses to suit the station environment and best equip the operatives with the tools and knowledge that they need to provide a crucial service to the network.

Gareth Parry, Station Operations Manager and Special Movements Coordinator for Network Rail at London Euston, was instrumental in launching the scheme.

“I’ve been here a few years now and a couple of years back I noticed the need for proper medical training. First aid at work really wasn’t enough for the kinds of incidents they were dealing with. I spoke to Andrew Robinson at Morson Training. I knew the course I wanted was the FREC 3 course so I spoke to Andy and I think we’re now on 18 people trained up for the 24 hour medical cover.”

The team at London Euston are currently dealing with five or six medical instances per shift, considerably lower than the usual rate of up to around fifteen at peak times. While there are fewer people travelling, potential COVID19 cases give the medics something extra to consider and prepare for. All personnel involved in first aid have received compulsory general training related to the handling of COVID19.

The training provided by Morson includes First Response Emergency Care, Supervising First Aid for Mental Health, Safety Critical Communications and the Level 2 Award in Fire Safety

The First Response Emergency Care 3 course is an intense course with a considerable level of knowledge that brings vastly improves the operative’s ability to respond to and treat a greater number of medical issues. This results in a greatly reduced pressure on local NHS services, as passengers can receive the treatment they need without requiring an ambulance unless absolutely necessary.

It's also helped to support train operating companies cut down on delays. Given that the staff at the station can now deal with more medical interventions than before, the team can help passengers who may become ill or require medical assistance onboard trains by taking them to a safe place to provide immediate treatment rather than waiting for an ambulance.

“It’s become very popular so I’m getting multiple emails daily about how to set the programme up. We’re going to see how they get on here first but we’re getting a lot of enquiries from across the Network.”

The system currently in place sees the medic team taken off shift every six weeks for a continuation of their training to keep their skills up-to-date.

The level of training Morson has provided has been fantastic. From fire safety training, first aid at work, mental health first aid training and safety critical comms training, we’re very happy about how things are going. We’re able to work with the Morson trainers to tailor the courses, which are originally track or depot based, to make them suitable for stations. It’s been a great flexible arrangement between ourselves and the Morson trainers.”

Morson’s Operations and Apprenticeships Manager Andrew Robinson, who was the key driver in the development of the training, said:

“Gareth, William and the team at Euston Station have a clear commitment to quality training for their employees to ensure they are ready for whatever their working day brings. These values align closely with ours as a training provider and we are pleased that our dedicated and skilled delivery specialists have been able to provide such an inclusive and supportive learning experience for the delegates at what has been a difficult time for all concerned.”

Matthew Leavis, Morson’s Training Director, said:

“To be involved in a programme of training like has been amazing. I am really proud of the entire Morson Training team and the way they have taken a client’s specific needs and tailored our approach to suit. We pride ourselves on both industry leading delivery of training backed up by the highest level of customer service. The feedback received from Gareth and the team at Euston makes it very clear we have delivered on these core values and I look forward to seeing how we can grow this offering over the coming months.”

The trauma medics can be seen around London Euston station driving a bright green buggy.

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