Morson Training Launch Ofqual Accredited Workplace Social Distancing Courses


Morson Training Launch Ofqual Accredited Workplace Social Distancing Courses

Posted on 08 June 2020

​Morson Group’s award-winning training division is set to deliver new, fully-accredited social distancing compliance courses.

As we slowly transition back into what may become the new way of working, all organisations are required to make changes to the way they operate in workplace environments in order to comply with the government mandated guidelines in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Arguably, none of the guidelines impact the operational norms of the workplace more than social distancing.

The team at Morson Training has developed an Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) approved training courses to help companies return to work in this new world in a way that protects both the employee and the organisation as a whole:

Level 1
Award in Social Distancing Awareness

Level 2
Award in the Responsibilities of a Social Distancing Compliance Officer.

Morson Training director Matthew Leavis said:

“It’s an inescapable reality that every business across every sector is having to make dramatic changes to the environments in which they work. The key to the successful implementation of, and compliance to, these guidelines is educating employees at all levels of the business. These comprehensive courses provide everyone with the broad tools required to successfully comply with social distancing regulations in every workplace.”

Level 1: Creating awareness

Creating broad and comprehensive awareness of social distancing rules is the fundamental basis of workplace compliance, as Level 1 of this course delivers.

Aimed at all employees within the workforce, this short course (4 hours) is delivered online and can be completed prior to a return to work or during work hours.

The course helps employees understand what their employer has done to address social distancing measures as well as educating them in what is required of them as an employee.

Upon successful completion of the course, employees will be able to understand:

  • What they can do to protect yourselves and others

  • When PPE is required and how to us it safely

  • The importance of hygiene

  • What to do if they develop symptoms

In Level 1 there is a workbook assignment that has to be completed to gain the qualification with a follow up one-to-one.

Level 2: Creating champions

A crucial part of ensuring compliance with the guidelines within work environments is to create social distancing champions. The Level 2 course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for making the workplace safe, including facilities managers, Health & Safety representatives, union representatives and owners.

Delivered over two units followed by an assignment after each, the course will provide an in-depth knowledge of how to manage the risks associated with social distancing, how to ensure your organisation maintains legal compliance, and be able to enhance confidence in enforcing changes within the workplace.  

The aims of the course are:

  • Understanding why we need Social Distance Compliance Officers

  • Understand your role

  • Finding up to date information and guidance

  • Maintaining a plan to control personnel in the workplace

​Fully online and delivered either on a one-to-one basis or to small groups, the course will take individuals 10 hours to complete over a 5 day week, meaning employees won’t lose two full days of productivity. The course comprises:

  • Two online sessions (2 hours)

  • First assignment (2 hours)

  • Second assignment (4 hours)

​The assessment process is a workbook, with a follow up one-to-one.

These courses will be certified upon completion and all those that successfully pass the course will be issued a certificate of completion verified by an external awarding body.

For more information and to enrol on one of the courses, contact the award-winning Morson Training team at
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