Morson Training | Engineering Apprentices undergo vital training course with Eleven Nexus


Morson Training | Engineering Apprentices undergo vital training course with Eleven Nexus

Posted on 11 November 2019

In 2019, Morson Training’s engineering apprentices took part in a six-week training course with health and fitness company, Eleven Nexus at a local state of the art CrossFit gym. The aim of the experience was to give the young apprentices functional fitness skills such as lifting techniques, which are vital when applied to working in rail.

Six months on, the apprentices returned to Eleven Nexus with substantial operational experience under their belt since their last visit. We joined the apprentices in their latest session to find out more about the benefits of the classes both physically and mentally.

Head of UK Training at Morson, Matthew Leavis, discussed where the initial idea for the collaboration with Eleven Nexus came from and why this is so important for young people entering manual work:

“The idea behind this initiative was that we noticed the drop off rate in apprentices when they go from the classroom to the practical environment. We noticed that some of the younger members coming through maybe didn’t have the experience of working in a physical world, in blue collar trades like the industry needs. We decided to work Eleven Nexus to try and build a six-week strength and conditioning programme”

He continued:

“We worked on physical fitness and team building to make them realise that there are people who want to build them up, not knock them down. The idea was to try and prepare them for after the six weeks residential phase, to then go out into the industry with good movements, good biomechanics and a good level of conditioning”

Eleven Nexus founder, Ray Law, gave his reaction to the physical improvements that the apprentices have experienced whilst taking part in this initiative:

“My initial thoughts ‘this is fantastic’ Part of what we do is for the health of everyone, it’s not just within fitness, but the whole wellbeing. The fact that Morson were doing that, it’s fantastic and it’s great to see. It’s investing back into the people, it’s investing into their health for longevity and also because that then portrays back into the company”

Ray also described why it is so important for companies to offer help to aspiring apprentices at this crucial stage of their young careers:

“Personally, taking away from working with the local apprentices, it’s great to be able to support them coming up and giving them that level of support. Far too often we see apprentices in any industry being thrown into the deep end without that kind of support. It’s refreshing for me to see it work from the beginning and offer that support right at the start of their journey”

One of the apprentices, Blake Reid, gave an insight into how working with Eleven Nexus has helped him in ways that can be applied to all aspects of life;

“I think the apprenticeship has helped me build my confidence, before this I wouldn’t have much confidence to interact with other people. Now it’s helped me grow and grow and become a better person. If I’m given a task on track I’ll go and perform it to my best ability because I’m more confident within myself"

Anthony Jones also took part in the training and highlighted how unique this course is and the privilege that those involved have with the invaluable experience that has followed:

“I feel like it’s definitely unique because I’ve not come across anyone on site that’s done the same sort of courses that we have, so it’s helped us a lot"

Having seen the success of the course this year first hand, Matthew Leavis added what he would improve about the training sessions to make it even more fulfilling going forward:

“Six weeks was great and an hour and a half every week did help build baseline abilities. But I think we could develop on the series by offering more sessions throughout the week”

It’s great to see such brilliant opportunities for apprentices to improve their strengths in both fitness and social skills and we look forward to seeing how they continue to reap the rewards of their learning in the future.

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